Oleo Tourism – Italian Olive Oil Tasting, Breaks and Holidays

Experience the very best Italian olive oils, join us for amazing tasting sessions to learn how to tell the different olives and processes apart. Walk through our olive groves and learn about the harvest and the processing of olives to create the liquid gold we all love. We offer Olive Oil tasting sessions, and Oilve Oil breaks and holidays giving you the chance to immerse yourself in the experience that is the creation of Italian Tuscan cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

oleoturism tenuta le mandorlaieExperience the very best Italian Olive Oils

We are in the Tuscan Maremma surrounded by nature’s Tuscany, its tranquil, serene and just what you need to relax and enjoy great Italian olive oil, Tuscan food and incredible wine.

Walking through the Olive trees

We love our environment and our land, we have particular affinity with our Olive Trees and want our guests get to relax, walk, enjoy moment, create art, eat and be with friends among-st our Olive trees. The Olive groves are really a place to relax, contemplate, eat, create art, meet new friends and create a new olive experience.

Taste and Savor Olive Oil inspired Tuscan dishes

When you sit down to enjoy our Tuscan meals, you know that our organic bio olive oils are the stars. With such incredible fresh produce its easy to sit back, relax in tranquility and enjoy the flavour’s and tastes of our olive oils.

About The Tuscan Maremma

If you want to enjoy the unspoiled Tuscany, its walks, national parks, unspoiled hilltop villages and incredible rolling views from the hill down to the incredibly preserved Tuscan coastline, then the Maremma is the area for you. With restaurant and bars just a short walk, cycle or drive away there is always something to do, but, you can always relax in nature doing not much too.

bed tenuta le mandorlaieWhere to stay in Maremma, Italy Tuscany

We offer you the chance to stay in luxury at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie, our organic Farm Estate located in the heart of Tuscany’s Maremma.

We work to ensure your privacy and serenity during your stay, the area you will stay has views over olive groves and vines, and stretches all the way to the coast of the Tuscan Maremma.

Our luxury amenities make sure your Tuscan Maremma holiday is unforgettable and full of experiences.

Foodie & Wine Lover? come taste Morellino di Scansano Wine

If you love your wine and food experiences, then enjoying the incredible Morellino di Scansano paired with Tuscan dishes whilst staying in the Tuscan Maremma is the foodie experience you cannot miss. This incredibly robust red wine is made predominantly from the Sangiovese grape, and is only grown in an area surrounding the village of Scansano.

The Morellino di Scansano wine is protected as a DOCG wine, under Italian wine law DOCG is the highest designation of quality among Italian wines. DOCG stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin).

About OleoTourism.it

tenuta le mandorlaieOleoTourism.it was created by Marthese & Stuart, lovers and producers of Extra Virgin Olive oil in the Tuscan Maremma on our organic farm and agriturismo Tenuta Le Mandorlaie. We have a passion for producing amazing oil and a love for our organically cared for land we wanted to get our products out to those that really appreciate and enjoy extra virgin olive oil as much as we do. If you are looking for the real Tuscany olive farm experience then come stay with us.